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Why Choose AECearth?

AEC Industry being the world's largest Industry by scale and construction being the basic need of client requirements with the involvement of multiple stake holders in the industry, To Engage, Practise and Connect with the network of the AEC Professionals and stay up-to date with the current trends of the Industry.

Mission & Vision

To transform the AEC industry to international standards with value-added technology to enable engagement & collaboration between Architects, Engineers, Academic professionals, and beyond. Bringing high standards of employment and growth to this Industry.

Our Strength

All Stake Holders include Professionals, Allied-Professionals, Future Professionals, Academia, Implementors, Vendors, Investors, and Clients. The platform is to meet the demands of the AEC Industry and beyond. Together let's BUILD the FUTURE of the AEC Industry.

Posting your requirement on AECearth

Owning a home, a property, building Infrastructure and development is a complex process, with the involvement of the right professionals in the industry.

Different Stakeholders of AECearth

We have stakeholders from multiple verticals who are catering their services to the AEC Industry.


AECearth is associating with a large of professionals like Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Fine Arts Professionals, Historians, Conservation Specialists, etc.; to cater their professional services to the people with requirements inside our community.

Allied Professionals

AECearth is also associated with Allied Professionals to offer services like Legal services, financial services, and Tax-audit services which are very much required for the AEC Industry.

Along with Individuals, all stakeholders of our platform AECearth can also use these services according to their needs and fulfill their requirements and they can provide their services hassle-free without having to worry much about those components.

Implementation Service Providers

AECearth is associated with Implementors of different verticals such as Building contractors, Steel Structures contractors, and specialty implementation contractors such as swimming pool contractors, Landscaping contractors, Interior Contractors, and so on.

By Joining our platform your unique design Implementations can also become hassle-free. By posting your exact requirement we will be able to connect you with the right kind of professionals.

Material Vendors

AECearth is associated with multiple vendors for multiple materials supply including Construction Material Vendors, Interior Material Vendors, and Non-Engineering Materials vendors. By becoming part of the AECearth you can get all vendors in a single place.

In any construction, finding the right materials at the right time and at the right cost is very essential. With our Vendoring Associates, you can fulfill your wide variety of requirements.


In AECearth we are welcoming Individual Investors, Investing companies to find the right kind of Investments they can make with properly calculated ROI and other financial elements.

In this soon-to-be launching component in AECearth, we can add even more value to our stakeholders by connecting the right projects with the right type of Investors.


In AECearth we welcome people who are in requirement of valuable consultation of any sort, their building requirements of any sort to make use of our platform to the max by finding the right resource, right consultation, and right materials. Our associated experts are ready to cater to your requirements with Industry standards at a value for money.

AECearth associated Academia

Malnad College of Engineering

Malnad College of Engineering


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Reva University

Reva University


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Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science and Technology

Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science and Technology


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Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute

Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research


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