We partner with a variety of background people in order to deliver a mutually beneficial outcome. We partner with,

01 Graduates

Opportunity to get access to use AECearth Profile for profile matching & gain access to Internal Consultancy and much more.

02 Working Professionals

Opportunity to get access to Curated Business, get access to use AECearth Profile for Lead Generations & gain access to Internal Consultancy.

03 Businesses

Opportunity to Hire perfectly matching, Industry ready candidates and also get an opportunity to bag the projects based on profile strength, etc.;

04 Institutions

Institutions can partner with swifterz and get an opportunity to provide consultancy.

05 Individuals

Individuals can partner with us and get the best consultants suiting their requirements.

06 Investors

By connecting with Builders & Developers a wide variety of new ventures can happen through the platform.