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Image Source : Madhya Pradesh Government Website

Madhya Pradesh Bhumi Vikas Rules, 2012:

  • These rules, may be called the Madhya Pradesh Bhumi Vikas Rules,2012.
  • These rules shall come into force from their publication in the Official Gazette.

Development Control& Promotion Regulations:

These regulations shall be called as "Special Development Control Regulation” (SDCR)to facilitate the TDR &TOD Policies notified by Government of MP in development plan are and shall apply to

  • All development of land, Redevelopment, construction, alteration and demolition of building in the Development plan Area, maximum buffer of 2 times of road width from the ROW.
  • These regulations will not be applicable on Metro Rail Zone
  • All Redevelopment parcels notified as receiving areas.

Note: The building permission shall be granted by the Competent Authority.

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