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Image Source : Uttarakhand Government Website

These bye-laws / Regulations may be called the Building Construction and Development bye-laws / regulations, 2011 (Amendment 2017).

All existing regulations, regulations, byelaws, orders that are in conflict or inconsistent with these Regulations shall stand modified to the extent of the provisions of these regulations. These bye-laws / regulations have been promulgated as state model bye-laws / regulations and will be applicable to all the Controlled areas viz; Development Authorities/ Special Area Development Authorities etc. as per provisions of the respective Acts prevailing in the State and also in the areas falling outside such Controlled Areas.

Applicability of Bye-laws / Regulation Subject to the provisions of the Act, these regulations shall apply

  • To the planning, design and construction of building in case of erection of a building;
  • To all parts of the building including change of roof whether removed or not, and in case of removal of whole or any part of the building;
  • To the remaining part of the building after demolition and work involved in demolition in case of demolition of whole or any part of a building;
  • To the whole building whether existing or new building (except only to that part of the building, which is consistent with these Regulations) in case of alteration of a building;
  • To all parts of the building affected by the change in case of change of occupancy of a building; and
  • To use of any land or building where sub-division of land is undertaken or use of land or building is changed.

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