Senior Structural Engineer


Job Description

Structural engineers design structures that must endure stresses and pressures inflicted through human use and environmental conditions. They configure structures, choose appropriate building material, inspect the construction work, and ensure the structural soundness of buildings and structures.

Roles and Responsibilities

Interpret geo tech reports, Plans, Design Sub and super Structure as per the prescribed zones and standards for HOSPITAL projects.
Decide on the safety and stability of the built forms, construct-ability of the project.
Create the source of truth model in BIM, use all calculations and codes as required
Prepare drawings for municipal and architectural designs.
Implementing Lean project management techniques in internal projects:
Preparation of project schedule and align with project deliverables commitments.
Track site operations and data, and complete feedback loop on a continuous improvement basis
Inspect Progress , may be required to visit job sites to check on the progress of engineering projects to ensure that projects are meeting specifications, and revise schedules or deadlines as necessary



Eligibility Criteria

5 years

Other Details

Published On : 21-09-2022

Location :
    Maharashtra- Pune

Total number of openings : 2

Interview Mode : Online

Job Nature : Full Time - Remote Work

Company Details

BKPMG Health solutions Pvt ltd