Junior Architect


Job Description

Architectural assistants are the behind-the-scenes workers who help architects design and build everything from houses to skyscrapers. They may not be as well known as their more illustrious counterparts, but they’re just as important. Architectural assistants take notes during meetings with clients or other architects, create sketches of proposed designs, and perform a variety of other tasks that help architects do their jobs effectively.

Roles and Responsibilities

Architectural assistants have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

Communicating with clients and contractors to ensure that all parties are on the same page throughout the project
Taking measurements and creating drawings of existing structures and spaces
Gathering reference materials such as photographs, sketches, or plans of other buildings that may be useful in designing new structures
Creating computer models of designs by inputting data into 3D modeling software programs
Drafting initial building plans that include floor plans, elevations, and sections
Making calculations for building materials based on design requirements and available budgets
Organizing files and documents related to the project including blueprints, contracts, design drawings, and specifications
Preparing detailed sketches of proposed designs to present to clients
Suggesting changes to designs based on client feedback or procedural requirements such as building codes



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Published On : 15-11-2022

Location :
    Delhi- New Delhi

Total number of openings : 4

Interview Mode : Online

Job Nature : Full Time - Hybrid Work

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