CAD Engineer


Job Description

CAD stands for computer-aided design. It’s a technology that allows engineers to create and modify designs digitally, rather than on paper or with traditional tools. CAD software is used in many different industries—from automotive to aerospace to construction—and it has become an essential part of the engineering process.

CAD engineers are responsible for creating and maintaining these digital designs. They may also be tasked with developing new features for the software itself. This requires a broad range of technical skills including strong knowledge of computer programming languages, database management systems, and graphic design principles.

Roles and Responsibilities

CAD engineers have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

Developing new manufacturing techniques or improving existing methods to make production more efficient
Testing new designs in computer simulations before building prototypes or constructing new facilities or machinery
Creating schematics, flow charts, and diagrams of machinery and equipment design concepts
Analyzing customer needs and recommending design solutions that meet those needs
Constructing models and prototypes to test new designs before they are implemented
Using computer-aided design (CAD) software to create and modify designs
Communicating with engineers and other team members to coordinate projects and resolve issues
Troubleshooting problems with existing equipment or facilities to identify issues and create solutions
Designing and developing new equipment or processes to help companies operate more efficiently or produce new products


B.E. Civil Engineering/Diploma in Civil Engineering/Mechanical Engineering

Eligibility Criteria

0-1 year of experience

Other Details

Published On : 30-01-2023

Location :
    Karnataka- Bengaluru

Total number of openings : 5

Interview Mode : walk in interview

Job Nature : Full Time - Offline

Company Details

Erasmus CAD Solutions Pvt Ltd
Source : Indeed